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Raise Awareness. Make a Change.

Fight the stigma that surrounds mental illness and turn to Levine-Oliver Publisher, Inc. We produce community articles, books, and reviews written by Agnes B. Levine. Every week, we release a newsletter that is founded on mental illness recovery success target for afflicted individuals and their families.

Bear in mind that although mental illnesses are thought to have no cure, there are available treatments designed to aid in the recovery of patients. These treatments include psychotherapy, group therapy, cognitive-behavior therapy, and behavior modification. Our reading materials are available in Virginia and other areas not just in the United States but across the globe.

Our Mission

As a company, we bring valuable information to people of all ages regardless of their race, sex, and religion. Ultimately, our goal is to encourage you and your loved ones to pursue a productive, purpose-driven life.

Cooling Well Water: A Collection of Work By An African-American Bipolar Woman

What We Do

As a faith-based agency, we mainly focus on producing and selectively reviewing works that are related to religion. At this time, we only publish works written by our owner.

However, we plan to grow our business by working with experienced professionals in the publishing industry. LOP will always reach out to help those who want to recover from a mental illness. Eventually, we will branch out so that your stories can be heard and understood. Included in our future services are:

  • Consulting
  • Editing
  • Coaching
  • Publishing

  • Book Reviewing
  • Public Speaking
  • Advocacy

Written Works by Agnes Levine

Currently in reprint, her first book published in 2006 was a major platform for Agnes to share her story about mental illness. It features her account of being diagnosed with a mental illness in the Vanilla Room. The book teaches that dreams do not die and a person can recover from a mental illness.

Review of Cooling Well Water

I am quite impressed with how every poem presented in Cooling Well Water: A Collection of Work By An African-American Bipolar Woman” is supported by scriptures from the bible.

-Dr. Grace Lajoy Henderson, author of More Than Mere Words: Poetry That Ministers

I Saw You In His Eyes

Reprinted and soon to be released in e-book format, this book will be another faith-based work that raises awareness about metal illness recovery. Written after the death of Agnes’ second son, the book changes perspectives and empowers people to become more compassionate towards those who are living with a mental illness.

Also, it aims to inspire change because it emphasizes the possibility of a successful recovery from a mental illness.

At times, perpetrators will attack a person struggling or living with a mental illness simply because they are aware of his or her mental frailty. Other times, domestic violence victims can develop anxiety attacks, panic disorders, post -traumatic stress disorders, or chronic depression in addition to living in fear.

The main character, Reenie, needed to be helped out of the darkness caused by a mental illness after her husband victimizes her. Readers will see how her mother becomes the hero who recognizes that Reenie’s denial is preventing her mental illness recovery. Given the circumstances, you will see how it actually takes a community to reach out to Reenie.

In the end, Reenie’s journey is a story of mental illness recovery success. Her trials and tribulations teach us that we are not alone in our new “normal” lives.

Be Inspired Today

Buy her books and read her story with an open mind. Then, support the person in your life to walk out of darkness. If you are living in darkness, understand and embrace that there is hope.

There is a proven pathway out. In the light, you will find happiness and you will make your dream come true. Agnes’ works will show that you, too, can get better and succeed.

Remember, education leads to knowledge that breaks the cycle of mental illness, no matter what triggered it or how it developed. Live your dream!

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Featured Books

Black Pain: It Only Looks Like We’re Not Hurting

by Terrie M. Williams

The book talks about the struggles experienced by the African-American community when it comes to mental illnesses. This selection also discusses the DSM-IV and insights into black males and suicide.

Journey Across the Country From Baltimore to Juneteenth Day

Delve into this tome and discover a pathway out of darkness. There is humor, history, wisdom, hope, and deliverance in ways you never expected!

The Rejected Stone

by Rev. Al Sharpton

Leadership may be challenging, but do it with purpose. We learn from the journey that we must go back and bring the generation after us to stand up as a community. There is a purpose for you to live mentally well!

Discover how this great leader overcame adversities. Find out why great mentors stay committed to the necessary action needed. Through this book, readers will be empowered to pick up his/her cross and march forward.

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