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We Are the Ones You Have Waited For!

Greetings Atlanta, GA!  Mental illnesses are treatable and recovery is possible!

Baltimore, MD 


Chicken Soup for the African-American Women's Soul Featuring Lisa Nichols, Blanche Williams, Sanyka Calloway-Boyce, (HRM Queen) Agnes B. Levine, Baltimore, MD Tour Stop Host.

Dewees Rec Center Cooking Class


U.S​. Navy Vice Admiral 

Nichelle Howard

Her Royal Majesty Queen Agnes B. Levine, Chieftess of Gullah-Geechee Nation.

Walking for mental health recovery success!

The National Alliance on Mental Illness has a chapter in every state across the United States of America. Please visit NAMI Georgia ( and learn about the many programs and events available to help all persons affected with a mental illness in Georgia. Learn how to join or start a NAMI on Campus ( Program.

NAMI helped me become educated and empowered about my mental illness!    

HRM Queen Agnes' Blog is in every Issue of LOPnewsmag!, Please read and enjoy a candid moment with HRM Queen Agnes, Chieftess of Gullah-Geechee Nation. Thank you. Can't find what you are looking for? Please click the link below to send me an e-mail.

The next #TeenMother and #teenfather ReeniesKidz Hang-Out is TBA. All #ReeniesKidz must have read the book, "I Saw You In His Eyes" to be eligible to win a prize! All young adults are welcome to Hang-Out with Reenie!


As Normal life returns, we are eager to pick up where we left off before de COVID-19 Pandemic. Keep checking our website for book release and Hang-Outs. 



Consider enrollment at a NROTC Host College! Click Navy NRJOTC Button below and learn more about it today!

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HIS ROYAL MAJESTY GENERAL KING CHARLES III's and Her Royal Majesty Queen (Consort) Camilla's Coronation will be on Saturday, May 6, 2023.  God Save The King!  VISIT:  Royal Family Channel on Youtube:



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