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Kingdom-Levine-Oliver Publisher, Inc. (“K-LOP”) welcomes you to my website!

I am Agnes and I live with a mental illness after suffering a nervous breakdown.  I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder II.  I understand the challenges and ups and downs associated with Bipolar Disorder II which is a mental illness having no cure.  Before my diagnosis, I had always loved writing and I always had a dream of publishing my own work through my own publishing company. After my diagnosis, I still had that dream to do so.


 I committed myself to learning about my mental illness by participating in support groups and educational training classes at the National Alliance for Mental Illness ("NAMI").  My mental illness became stabilized by taking evidence-based medications from a mental wellness doctor using what I learned to minimize triggers.  Through learning about Bipolar Disorder, I became an expert on that mental illness and its symptoms: mainly depression, mood swings, and manic episodes.  Treatment for Bipolar Disorder II allows you to live your best life in a community.   I am against institutionalizing persons with a mental illness.

As someone who has personally struggled with mental health, I understand just how difficult it can be. That's why I founded LOP, a platform where individuals can receive education, resource-sharing, and support for their mental well-being. Writing has become my tool to spread awareness about living with a mental illness that has no cure, and to encourage others to seek treatment and pursue their happiness. At LOP, we believe that everyone deserves to live a fulfilling and joyful life, regardless of the challenges they may face having a mental illness.


I authored my debut book on living with Bipolar Disorder II, aiming to motivate others to pursue evidence-based treatments. Fulfilling a lifelong dream, I established my own publishing company and started writing blogs to support my peers, sharing the message that we can lead fulfilling lives and realize our dreams. Currently, I am looking forward to the launch of my second book titled "I Saw You In His Eyes: Reenie's Story."

Bipolar Disorder stems from a chemical imbalance in the brain. Stigmas act as barriers that hinder the achievement of a fulfilling life and the realization of dreams. I have overcome these stigmas and am committed to empowering others to do the same.

Mental illnesses are universal, impacting individuals of every race, ethnicity, religion, culture, sex/gender, and creed. Through my personal experience with Bipolar Disorder II, I found that the National Alliance for Mental Illness ("NAMI") greatly aided my recovery by teaching coping skills and providing education on the disorder. While this is not an endorsement of NAMI, it is my testament to the success I've achieved in my mental illness recovery journey. For further insights, follow AGNES' BLOG featured in each issue of my newsletter, "LOPnewsmag."

 A Message ta my Culture:     Ohnuh bin frum Gullah-Geechee Ancestors.   Mental illness recovery success ta me bin able ta get back ta livin' a full and satisfying life of happiness.  Oonuh making her own dream come true.  Ya strengk will come back afta a mental illness diagnosis:  Trus da doctors.  A mental illness includes habin’ Bipolar Disorder I or II, Major Depression, Anxiety Disorder, Eating Disorder, PTSD, or Schizophrenia. 


    Der are thousands of mental illnesses and dey treatable.  Oonuh bin take da prescribed medsin, ya know.  Ohnuh bin always loved ta write, too.  Wid mental illness recovery success, Ohnuh created K-LOP, self-published two books, and publishes a bi-weekly newsletter known as da LOPnewsmag, 

   Ohnuh bin graduate of University of Baltimore, complete a Master in Public Administration Degree Program, received certification from Maryland Partnership in Policymaking, too.   I have also taught middle-school students in Baltimore County, worked for Guardium ad Litem of SC, Mentored teen youththrough Community In Schools since being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder II.  Trus' da Sabeyuh and b'leew ya American Dream bin possible.  'Membuh, Ohnuh bin livin' proof dat dreams don’t die b'kause a mental illness diagnosis happens!  Amen.


K-LOP boasts a growing audience of over 250,000 subscribers across various social media platforms. Join me in the pursuit of happiness, purpose, and your resilient self-care plan. Let's change the world, overcome stigmas, and dispel "crazy" labels, one step at a time. If you stumble on your journey, rise again because you can, and you are never alone. Let's go!

Her Royal Majesty Queen Agnes – Chieftess of the Gullah-Geechee Nation.


     K-LOP.: A Section 501(c)3 organization shaping Advocates for mental health wellness, providing valuable info, personalized recovery support, and breaking stigmas. We prioritize equity, diversity, and inclusion. Join us in empowering individuals for successful mental health recovery with purpose in a world that values mental health.



Get to Know Us

    Kingdom-Levine-Oliver Publisher, Inc. ("K-LOP") began in 2004 when I yearned to do more that take medications and look out the window.  My lifelong dream of publishing was always staring at me through that window.  Finally, it was time to write the vision.  Everything that mattered to me pre-mental illness was what I saw daily post-mental illness.  It was time to realize my dream and ignore the nay-sayers. 


    I crafted a vision that was both simple and profound: to break down the barriers of stigma associated with mental illness within African-American communities.  I broke through shame and told my story.   I began taking my mental health medication seriously and focused on my lifelong dream of publishing.  Whatever your dream is, it is possible to make that dream come true even if you are diagnosed with a mental illness.  I am diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder II which is a brain disorder.  Brain Disorders are chemical imbalances of the brain that have no cure but are treatable.

    As someone who has lived experience with both untreated mental illness and then treated mental illness, I learned how one can derail one's dream by living with an untreated mental health condition.  I am passionate about receiving quality mental health care for all and especially in the African-American communities. 


    At K-LOP, I share my story, insights, resources, and knowledge to assist you on your mental wellness journey. K-LOP hopes you find this space safe for learning, for enabling you to overcome any barriers that impede your dream realization and to be strong and confident in your mental illness recovery success.  Untreated mental illnesses delays your dream!

    Successful recovery from mental illness is characterized by stable mental health that enables one to lead a quality life within the community globally. K-LOP staunchly advocates for evidence-based medicines prescribed by certified mental health professionals in your community (i.e., doctors, therapists). However, K-LOP does NOT offer specific referrals."

    Founded on Christian principles, K-LOP believes in the faith-based transformative power of information. Our mission is to provide valuable resources for individuals, their families, and loved ones that fosters a community that transcends discrimination based on race, sex, religion, or ethnicity, creed, etc..

    In our African-American community, there is a reluctance to seek mental healthcare.  We are taught to suffer silently like our ancestors because of shame and stigma.  It is impossible to 'get over it' without seeking mental healthcare.  There is history for a lack of trust in doctors and medicines stemming largely from the Tuskeegee Experiment.  There is intense shame and secrecy about "dear auntee and her crazy, lazy self."  We are here to help everyone break through old cultural barriers and carve a new pathway forward making your dreams come true.  

Our Services



Personalized Recovery Resources:



    Access a wealth of valuable information for individuals struggling with day-to-day mental- health challenges by raising awareness and pointing you in the right direction towards peace and happiness .  


Advocacy and Inclusion Guidance

    Then share your story and learn advocacy skills to help others in your community.  Empower yourself to become an advocate for social inclusion and justice.


    Explore articles and insights that keep you engaged as an active citizen, break down barriers and end stereotypes associated with mental illnesses and developmental disabilities.  Join like-minded individuals to fight stigmas!

Reach out to the marginalized community and help those struggling with a mental illness by sharing resources and give them hope.  "You are not alone."


Community Support and Inspiration:

    Join K-LOP :  a supportive and safe community that truly understands the journey towards mental illness recovery success.


    Our blogs and publications offer inspiring stories filled with encouragement, empowerment, and strategies to sustain your happiness.

    Become actively involved in promoting mental wellness within your family, community, and church by advocating.  Share your testimony with Legislators!"


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