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At Kingdom Cooling Well Water Ministries, we invite you to be edified by Church Leaders sent by God for His Glory and live your best life following the Way of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Be encouraged to stay steadfast in prayer, morals, righteousness, and pursuing Holiness daily! Studying to show thyself approved by attending Bible College, equipping, and developing your Spirit Man Warrior edification by Instructor, Her Royal Majesty, General Dr. Paula Price, Ph.D., today and own your very own copy of "The Prophets' Dictionary: The Ultimate Guide to Supernatural Wisdom," available for purchase at: This handy study tool will equip Prophets with useful, helpful, and valuable definitions to biblical language, prophetic terms, and much, much more! (2 Ti. 2:15 KJV). Build your Ministry with Jesus Christ as the foundation in obedience. (1 Sam. 15:22 KJV). Enroll today and earn your Certificate and give God, The Most High, all the Praises. Halleluia! Thank You, Jesus. amen, Amen, AMEN!

Her Majesty, Royal Monarch General Dr. Paula Price, Ph.D., Author of "The Prophet's Dictionary: The Ultimate Guide To Supernatural Wisdom" and several other works! VISIT: Paula Price Ministries today at: and be the Warrior that Father God, our Creator, called you to be.

Fall Classes starting soon! Dictionary is exhaustive and available in both English and Spanish! (2 Ti. 2:15 KJV).

His Royal Majesty, General Dr. Michael Chitwood, Founder/CEO of ICCM World Ministries!

HRM Dr. H. Michael Chitwood has been the Founder and CEO of The International Congress of Churches & Ministers for over 30 years. 

Dr. Chitwood has been teaching churches and nonprofits how to “Get Their House In Order” through Television, Radio, and Live Events. As a best selling author and speaker, he conducts over 200 conferences a year teaching compliance and financial accountability to over 20,000 attendees. Click the link below and Register to attend a Conference today! Equip yourself for victories and triumphs in all decency and order with ICCM, His Royal Majesty, Dr. Michael Chitwood's Church & Ministry Tax Laws Conferences. Earn participation Certificates, too!

(1 Cor. 14:40 KJV).

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His Royal Majesty, my Brethern, Bishop Dr. Jamal H. Bryant, Pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, GA. VISIT and LIVE, LOVE, and LEAD like Christ:

Her Royal Majesty GENERAL Queen Noor Al Hussein of Jordan. HRM Queen Noor Al-Hussein (Arabic: الملكة نور‎; is the Syrian-American queen dowager of Jordan and the widow of King Hussein.


The present monarch is Queen Elizabeth II—officially titled Queen of Jamaica—who has reigned since 6 August 1962. She, her consort, and other members of the Royal Family undertake various public and private functions across Jamaica and on behalf of the country abroad.


The Three Queens fountain was unveiled in 2005 and commemorates three historically important women: Queen Mary, Queen Agnes and Queen Josiah. These women led a successful 1878 insurrection against the Danish Government demanding improved working and living conditions, and better wages. The demonstration is known as the “Fireburn”. The women wear clothing typical of the mid-1800’s, long dresses, with a long sleeved blouse and an apron. They carry in their hands: a lantern, a harvesting tool and flambeaux (torch). The sculpture was made by American artist Richard Hallier.

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